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What markets do you offer your services?

Sol Shine's core experience has been in the commercial, industrial, municipal and solar farm markets.  Additionally, the residential markets have been an area where our resources have been able to support homeowners in seeking sustainable energy solutions.

Where do you perform your work?


Our current focus is on emerging markets around the globe.  Through our other entities, we develop large-scale solar farms in the Northeast market of the USA. Under the Sol Shine entity, Puerto Rico & Colombia are the main focus in 2016.

How are projects financed?


After many years in the renewable sector, Sol Shine has created an extensive network of funding resources to support a 3rd party ownership model, also know as a PPA for the commercial markets. In addition, we have a large clean tech fund looking to deploy development and project capital into many different markets,  Clients interested in owning their energy and benefiting from all 30% tax credit (in the US) & energy savings can work closely with Sol Shine as general contractor to see the project through from permitting to ongoing operations & maintainence.

Do you offer development services to existing solar companies?


Sol Shine intends to support the development of solar energy at all levels and by creating relationships with different entities, such as local or regional solar companies, financiers, engineering firms or Municipal/Government agencies, so we can see the vast deployment of clean energy across the Earth.​

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